The Balanced Atlas

What To Expect

We value our patients and know that going to a new place for the first time can be a bit stressful. We want to do everything we can to eliminate any unnecessary stressors. Before arriving at our office, you can complete your new patient paperwork online. We will send the link to you via email after you schedule your new patient consultation. Online forms cut down on wait times and allow you the freedom to complete your forms at your own pace.

Day1: Initial Consultation

On your first visit you will consult with Dr. Harrison to discuss your health-related problems, concerns, and potential treatment options. This initial visit allows us to learn more about you, your condition, and your expectations to determine if NUCCA chiropractic care is the right fit.

Postural Examination

After your consultation, Dr. Harrison will complete a NUCCA chiropractic examination. This examination evaluates your body’s imbalances. We mainly evaluate patients while they are standing to determine how their brain is adapting its posture to deal with the constant strain of gravity. These tests allow us to gather information about the severity and complexity of your misalignment. Postural testing consists of Anatometer (a postural device designed for NUCCA) measurements, standing line chart assessment, bilateral weight scale measurement, and digital postural analysis. 

Postural Examination

Upper Cervical X-Rays

We take precise upper cervical digital x-ray images for individuals with body imbalances to measure the unique misalignment. What differentiates NUCCA care from other approaches are the lengths we take to measure your misalignment objectively. Your health is essential. Not seeing the exact position of your misalignment promotes uncertainty. The foundation of the NUCCA technique is our precise imaging analysis, using mechanics and biophysics to calculate a formula for each correction. In preparation for your next visit, the doctor will analyze your images for over an hour. We take great care to calculate the specific formula for each patient. Your misalignment is just like a fingerprint; no two are alike. 

There will be no adjustment on your first visit.

Day 2: Results

On your second visit, Dr. Harrison will answer the three most important questions patients have:

           1. Can you help me?

            2. How long is it going to take?

            3. How much is this going to cost?

After reviewing your health history, your examination findings, and explaining your x-ray images, Dr. Harrison will discuss a customized corrective plan with you. Depending on your specific needs and circumstances, we design your corrective program to get you the best results, for the lowest cost, in the shortest amount of time possible.

NUCCA adjustment 2

NUCCA Correction

The NUCCA correction is applied by hand, and the patient will only feel a gentle pressure below their ear. Because the pressure applied during the adjustment is similar to having your pulse taken, you may not notice a lot while it is happening. Although the primary focus is the upper neck, the NUCCA procedure affects the body’s postural control centers in the brainstem. By correcting the upper cervical misalignment, we can re-center your head and neck, allowing your brain to begin the rebalancing process instantly. We perform post-adjustment measurements after every NUCCA treatment to ensure you are perfectly aligned. 

Post-Upper Cervical X-Rays

We perform post-adjustment x-rays to verify and confirm your misalignment is being corrected according to plan. Your misalignment is similar to making a new key to your front door lock. Once we have verified the formula of how to correct your unique misalignment, we do not need to take x-rays during future visits.

Post Upper Cervical X-rays

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