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The NUCCA Treatment

NUCCA (pronounced ‘new-ka’) is a gentle, non-invasive, and highly effective chiropractic technique focused on adjusting the atlas vertebra (the top bone in your neck) to restore your body’s proper alignment. The head and neck joint is the most important joint in the body. A misalignment in this area interferes with communication between your brain and body and causes your posture to shift, impacting your entire body. Symptoms and pain can present elsewhere, but we can create healing and lasting relief by finding and correcting the root cause and keeping your head on straight. 


Headaches & Migraines


Neck Pain & TMJ


Dizziness & Vertigo

Frequently Asked Questions About Nucca Treatment

For the same reason one can move a pile of heavy bricks with a light push of a wheelbarrow: leverage.

Although the patient feels only a slight pressure behind their ear while being adjusted, applying adequate force is applied to the neck. Using the first vertebra and the weight of the head to gain a biomechanical advantage, the doctor places their own body on a calculated angle to ensure the adjustment is specific to the patient’s individual misalignment. The force during the NUCCA treatment is so gentle and precise that many patients are unaware of any intervention whatsoever.

This depends upon many factors specific to your situation. Our goal is to give your body the opportunity to heal by creating a healthier and balanced alignment. The longer you hold your adjustment, the stronger and more stable it becomes and the less often you will need to be checked. Generally speaking, you will need to come in less during NUCCA care than with other types of intervention.

The upper cervical spine is the focus of NUCCA, a specialized form of chiropractic care. With traditional chiropractic methods, a doctor may use an instrument to adjust the atlas or use their hands. With NUCCA, the upper cervical spine is the leverage point to align the entire spine. That’s why NUCCA chiropractors don’t need to adjust the rest of the spine – the NUCCA technique works by aligning the upper cervical spine, allowing your body to realign the midback, lower back, hips, and pelvis.

Short answer, yes. Typically, your body has been out of alignment for a long time, creating muscle memory in this compensated position. After your first adjustment in our office, we will give you recommendations regarding daily activities to help maintain alignment. Every patient is unique, and our office has no “cookie-cutter” approaches. Every aspect of your treatment is customized for your individual goals and needs. 

We are not contracted with any insurance companies at The Balanced Atlas. Most PPO insurance covers out-of-network chiropractic, and you would pay at the time of service and submit the superbill receipt our office provides. If you have a Health Saving Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you can use those to pay for treatment in our office.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Harrison graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, where he taught NUCCA to students and focused on NUCCA during his clinical studies. He moved to San Francisco and opened The Balanced Atlas in 2013. Dr. Harrison’s undergraduate studies were at West Virginia University, where he earned a degree in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Aquatic Therapy. 

The Balanced Atlas - Dr. Harrison
What Our Clients Say About Our Nucca Treatment

Whenever my tinnitus acts up, I call Dr. Harrison. It’s a 3-hour round trip for me, but it’s soooo worth it. Harrison has kept my tinnitus under control for months at a time. 

– Tara W. 

I don’t often say this, but it’s a miracle! After one treatment, my dizziness, vertigo, and headaches felt better. I highly recommend going to see Dr. Harrison.

– Pam L

After a car crash, I had a brain-fog and a terrible concussion preventing me from living my life.  One session with Dr. Harrison helped my vision, hearing, and concussion symptoms.  I recommend him to everyone I know who has had a concussion. 

– Epiphany S.

Dr.Harrison has absolutely saved my back. I have chronic headaches and neck and shoulder pain and was at the end of my rope. Dr. Harrison is such a joy! He’s a true professional, but he is also kind, compassionate, and funny! You can tell that he truly loves what he does and cares for his patients.

– Melissa G.