A pinched nerve is caused when the spinal disc ruptures and puts pressure on the nerves. Often the jelly like substance that is inside leaks out causing the pressure on the nerve, usually located in the neck or spine. Symptoms are pain in the lower back, neck, legs, tingling numbness, stiffness, or weakness in the limbs. At the Balanced Atlas in San Francisco we treat pinched nerves with chiropractic care, exercises, and nutritional counseling. There are many types of spinal manipulation and chiropractic care for pinched nerves. Our chiropractor will design the right customized treatment for your type of pinched nerve.

Treatment For Pinched Nerve

When you come to the office our chiropractor will give you an exam and take digital X-rays to confirm that you have a pinched nerve. These images are studied so that they can design the right chiropractic treatment for your situation. There are many forms of spinal manipulation and chiropractic care for pinched nerves. Our methods are not rigorous but gentle hands on techniques that relieve pain and promote mobility. Spinal manipulation involves getting the spine, muscles, and nerves to a healthier place. Adjustments will keep you off medications and from needing unwanted surgery.

Our chiropractor will design exercise and stretches that they will have you do in the office and at home to help with the pinched nerve. These exercises will be designed for your particular situation. Spinal manipulations move the bones into the correct position, and relax the muscles that are causing the pinched nerve. Sometime we use special equipment that lets us bend, stretch, and flex the spine into the right position. It is a method often used to treat pinched nerves. This treatment relieves pain and promotes flexibility.

Nutritional Counseling and Exercise

Besides chiropractic care we have nutritional counseling to help with pain and weight loss. Diet and exercise help to maintain the good result from chiropractic care. We design a nutritional program that recommends supplements and food that reduce swelling and infections in the body. Swelling can lead to serious illness. Anti-inflammatory foods can correct deficiencies in the body and help patients lose weight.

Diet and exercise often help keep a pinched nerve from reoccurring.  We try to design a diet and exercise program to keep the person pain free and healthy. We will recommend supplements that are right for you as part of our integrative treatment.

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