Chiropractic therapies have become popular in recent years. Many hospital systems across the United States have included chiropractors and their treatment modalities into their integrative health clinics. One of the misconceptions people have about chiropractors is that they only concentrate on conditions that relate to the musculoskeletal system, however many chiropractors practice several holistic and complementary treatment modalities. Here at The Balanced Atlas in San Francisco, one of the complementary therapies offered by our chiropractor is nutritional counseling. There are a number of benefits associated with nutritional counseling, and some reasons our doctor recommends it.

Diet And Nutritional Changes To Relieve Pain

People who have had an accident or an injury generally develop swelling at or around the injury site. Swelling or edema is simply the body’s way of reacting to and protecting itself against the injury. People who have chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, back pain, and shoulder pain also experience swelling. Our doctor conducts nutritional counseling sessions to counsel our patients about the types of foods and nutritional supplements they can use to reduce swelling and alleviate their pain. People should be aware that chronic swelling can lead to a host of medical issues like respiratory disorders, mobility issues, and cardiovascular disturbances just to name a few. This is why it is important to educate people on the types of foods and supplements they can eat to reduce swelling. Some foods that fall into the anti-inflammatory category include; fish, omega-9 fatty acids, fruits, and nuts. A nutritional supplement like garlic also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Food as Medicine

Our chiropractor works with patients who have chronic medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis to help them control their symptoms. Certain foods, when used in combination with others in a deliberate diet plan, can help the body correct deficiencies, and alleviate many of the symptoms associated with whatever disorder a patient presents with. An important part of the nutritional counseling experience here in our office involves our doctor educating people about the compounds in the foods included in their prescribed diet plans, and how they work towards the healing process.

Getting the Weight Off

Most people assume that carrying around a few extra pounds won’t hurt them, but this assumption is false. Carrying around as little as five extra pounds can cause the spinal column to shift out of alignment, causing lower back pain and extra pressure on the knees. Obesity is a serious condition in the United States and it ranks second among preventable deaths. Many people quickly jump to try the newest diet craze and rarely are they successful. There is a good reason for that. Not all diets work for all people. This is why nutritional counseling is an absolute necessity for anyone who needs to lose weight. Chiropractors and nutritional counselors develop individualized weight loss plans to help their clients lose the weight they need to take control of their health.

Food and Nutritional Supplements for Life

Here at The Balanced Atlas in San Francisco, our chiropractic team is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives. Our doctor completes a history and physical and comprehensive exam on every patient. Treatment plans are determined based on the findings of the exam and a thorough review of the information included in the history and physical. To find out more about nutritional counseling and how it can help you, give our office a call at 415-996-0409 today.