The Balanced Atlas


Migraine headaches are all too common, and plenty of treatments can lead to confusion and being overwhelmed by the myriad of options out there. The ramifications of suffering from migraines are widespread for some people. It can affect their work, family, and social life and cause fatigue, worry, and fear.

The Upper Neck Connection

The upper cervical spine (where your head and neck join) has no interlocking joints that hold them in place, which can cause various problems if they shift from their normal position. This area plays a crucial role in protecting the spinal cord and brainstem and regulating blood flow to and from the brain. The nerves and blood vessels that run throughout the upper neck play a vital role in the pathophysiology of migraines. NUCCA care involves aligning the structures surrounding these delicate areas that are a prominent issue in those suffering from migraines. As the Association of Migraine Disorders states, people with migraine illness have a nervous system that is not working correctly. In migraine sufferers, their nervous system overreacts to stimuli creating an unusual wave of brain activity that leads to a headache. Calming and clearing the nervous system is essential to solving the migraine puzzle.

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