Pediatric Chiropractic Care In San Francisco

Children can benefit from having a properly balanced body.

Children can be adjusted using the NUCCA procedure right from birth. Often children do not need the full NUCCA assessment as their many simple reflexes that can be checked, allowing for a modified exam. Due to the tendency for a child’s misalignment to have been present for a relatively short period of time the misalignment is typically less complex.

Children also generally respond more quickly to adjustments and usually require fewer adjustments to attain spinal stability.

We Work with Children!

Childhood is a special time of life in countless ways, including the fact that so much critical growth and development occurs during these years. But just as adults can encounter musculoskeletal challenges to their health and function, so too can children experience imbalances and misalignment issues that have to be corrected so that they can thrive. Here at The Balanced Atlas in San Francisco, CA, we provide your child with safe, gentle upper cervical chiropractic adjustments that can greatly enhance their nerve function and physical processes.

Why Kids Need Chiropractic Treatment

You might assume that the human body is in its best working condition at birth, with musculoskeletal issues only accumulating later in life. But, in fact, even the delivery process can create imbalances in joint position, and some babies need chiropractic adjustment from birth. (Our San Francisco chiropractor has adjusted infants only a few hours old!) Babies are prone to additional issues as they begin to explore their world, trip, fall, and bump into things. It’s critical that any alignment errors resulting from these everyday jolts are corrected as early as possible because a spinal misalignment can affect nerve function, which in turn affects normal growth and development. It can also have an effect on your child’s balance and coordination.

School-age children experience even more challenges to their musculoskeletal health. Playground antics, school sports, and heavy backpack usage can all wreak havoc on a growing body, resulting in a variety of aches, pains, and neurological problems. Chiropractic treatments and guidance may be necessary during these years to help kids pursue their daily activities safely.

Safe, Gentle Adjustments by Our NUCCA Chiropractor

Bring your child to our NUCCA chiropractor for the high-quality chiropractic care he or she needs. Our emphasis on upper cervical chiropractic adjustment allows us to make very small, subtle adjustments near the top of the spinal column. This technique allows for a uniquely safe and gentle experience while also providing profound health benefits. By correcting alignment and nerve function in this area, we can help your child’s many physical processes operate as efficiently as possible.

This form of chiropractic care can help prevent many ailments commonly associated with early childhood, from ear infections to sleep problems. Ongoing spinal screenings during the school years also help us uncover alignment problems and disorders, such as scoliosis, which may require early treatment.

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