You’ve been involved in an accident. In addition to the pain, you’ve been experiencing headaches and migraines. It is not uncommon for someone to experience this kind of trauma to their bodies after an auto accident injury. In fact, headaches are one of the most common symptoms people experience after a car accident. The key is in knowing when to seek the services of a chiropractor. Our team at The Balanced Atlas in San Francisco is ready and available to help.

Types of headaches after an accident

The type of headache and reasons for the headache after an accident varies. The pain can stem from tension in the neck and back. A headache can also stem from having a concussion. Symptoms of a concussion include sensitivity to light or noise, nausea, blurred vision or mood swings. Another contributor to headaches after an accident is whiplash from the force of the impact. Pain in the shoulders and neck, a restricted range of motion, dizziness, and fatigue are all symptoms. One of the most severe types of headaches is one that results from the post-traumatic stress disorder. Although the body may be hurting, reliving a bad accident can cause immediate headaches.

How can a chiropractor help?

A chiropractor is a physician that focuses on the muscles, joints, and bone in the body. They support health and wellness, prescribing treatments that will forego taking any medication. Chiropractors are good for treatment that focuses on overall health and a positive impact on the body. Chiropractic adjustments are safe for almost any age, as there are no invasive procedures involved.

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We specialize in a healing experience. From the moment you enter our facility, our goal is to improve your health and alleviate any pain. We utilize NUCCA treatment, providing patients with overall relief that has longevity after the treatment is over. This helps locate the root of the ongoing symptoms to administer an effective treatment plan without the need for prescription medication.

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Our team at The Balanced Atlas is focused on your recovery, with comprehensive treatment plans to accommodate individuals of all ages. We specialize in helping patients get beyond the pain and focus on getting better overall. Accidents are no laughing matter, and headaches stemming from an accident is an indication that something else is going on underneath the surface. For more information on headaches after a car accident, contact our San Francisco chiropractor today!