How to Deal with Lifting Injuries 

Are you concerned about how you’ll get relief from your lifting injuries? It’s not as difficult as you might think. There are many ways to handle such injuries that cause neck pain and lower back pain, among other things. One of the best options is to visit a professional chiropractor from The Balanced Atlas in the San Francisco area for expert guidance and treatment.

The Workplace Plays a Role in Causing Lifting Injuries

One of the top causes of workplace injury is lifting heavy items. You can overexert a muscle or a part(s) of your body by lifting such objects improperly. Injuries also can occur if you experience cumulative trauma, meaning that there is repetitive stress in your neck, hands, wrists, or other affected areas.

If you are at risk of physical stress from workplace tasks, it’s important that you learn the proper way to lift items and gauge if something is too heavy or large for you to carry. Employees who utilize smart lifting techniques are a lot less likely to pull a muscle, injure their wrists, have lower back pain, and in general, experience fewer injuries.

The Important of Work Ergonomics

Why is work ergonomics so crucial? The simple answer is that it helps you develop a better practice of doing otherwise strenuous tasks. You likely won’t be able to avoid lifting some heavy things once in a while at work, and it may even be a major part of your job. Be prepared by knowing what to do and not do.

There are some questions you should ask yourself to avoid unnecessary physical stress. For instance, consider if the load is too heavy or bulky to lift. Should you use mechanic means to pick it up? Also, think about if there are any obstructions along your path that you need to clear first. The other consideration is how you lift it. Be sure you have your arms and elbows close to your body, keep your back straight through the whole lifting process, bend your knees, and keep the load centered and as close as possible to your body. Set it down the same way you picked it up.

Getting Help for Your Lifting Injuries in San Francisco

If you already have injuries from the workplace or elsewhere, our chiropractor at The Balanced Atlas may be able to help. Book an appointment or reach out with your questions today, so you can take the first step for pain relief. Our number is 415-242-1472.

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