5 Common Chiropractic Techniques For Back and Neck Pain

Need relief from back and neck pain but do not want to undergo surgery or a complicated medicine regimen? Chiropractic care is the solution. The Balanced Atlas in San Francisco is a top provider of chiropractic care in the San Francisco area. We work to gently readjust problems in the upper cervical area of your spine. This reduces pain, increases range-of-motion, and helps alleviate a range of physical problems caused by spinal misalignment. Our top five common chiropractic techniques for relieving both back pain and neck pain include:

1. Gonstead Technique

Five separate criteria are used to evaluate patients before the Gonstead technique is applied. These include:

  • Instrumentation
  • Static palpation
  • Motion palpation
  • Visualization
  • Spinal imaging

This technique requires the use of diagnostic imaging to help develop a treatment plan, which makes it a solid choice for clients such as children and pregnant women.

2. Diversified Technique

This technique is most portrayed in movies and television when a chiropractic applies sudden, quick pressure to an affected area of the spine, causing an audible ‘pop’ as elements realign. It’s helpful in treating a myriad of problems, including leg and back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome in wrists, and more. This technique is often helpful in restoring neurologic function to affected areas.

3. Logan Basic Technique

Using the Logan basic technique, our chiropractic applies steady, gentle pressure to the base of your spine. This form of simple physical rehabilitation helps alleviate pressure from tension. It’s beneficial in treating maladies such as lower back pain and headaches.

4. Applied Kinesiology

This method is helpful in treating those with sports injuries. Muscles become unbalanced due to misaligned bones. Gentle, applied massage to the right pressure points helps to realign and readjust muscles. Applied kinesiology is helpful in treating injuries to knees and elbows.

5. Chiropractor Recommended Care

Your chiropractor may recommend self-care at home, such as applying wet heat or ice, as a supplemental treatment to your chiropractic care. Gentle exercises or stretching activities such as yoga may also be suggested.

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