What to Expect During Your First Consultation with a Chiropractor in San Francisco After an Auto Accident

For people all over the San Francisco area, driving a car day-to-day is a practical necessity. If you do have to drive a car, you should able to get to your destination without any issues. However, accidents do happen from time to time. Being involved in an accident can leave you with an auto accident injury that causes pain or discomfort to your back, neck, or other areas of your body. If this occurs, come visit our chiropractor at The Balanced Atlas for an evaluation and consultation. During your first meeting, several things will occur.

A Detailed Examination

During your first consultation, we will gather information about the incident and your health history and conduct a few tests to get a complete understanding of your auto accident injury and the severity of it. This whole process is not rushed because our chiropractor wants to get to the root source of your injury and answer all your questions or concerns about it.

Development of a Care Plan

Based on the initial assessment, we will determine where your pain is coming from, get a sense of how much pain you are in, and what your body can handle. With our findings, our chiropractor will develop a plan that will include a variety of forms of therapy to help you feel better in no time.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you have suffered an auto accident injury and would like to get relief from your pain, contacting our chiropractor at The Balanced Atlas in San Francisco for an evaluation is a great option. Our team can heal your injury and improve your health with natural techniques. Call 415-242-1472 to schedule your consultation.

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