Disc Herniation Symptoms and How a San Francisco Chiropractor Can Help

There are many issues that can cause injury to the spine and one of the most common of these injuries is a disc herniation. Most medical professionals discourage self-diagnosis when it comes to issues with the spine but it is usually quite obvious when something is wrong and the disc of the spinal column has been compromised in some way. The only way to get a confirmed diagnosis of a disc injury is a medical exam and imaging tests. However, there are many disc herniation symptoms that will definitely clue you into the fact that something is wrong.

Disc Herniation Symptoms for Self-Diagnosis

Signs that you might be suffering from a herniated disc include but are not limited to:

  • Pain that originated from a specific point in the spine, often at the upper or lower area of the spine.
  • Pain that does not lessen with rest and that can intensify with a change in position
  • Numbness that starts in the back and can radiate to the shoulder and arms or to the hips and legs.
  • Weakness in one or both of the legs that can travel down the leg and to the feet.
  • Pain in the back or neck after an auto accident, slip, and fall, or other injury
  • Trouble walking, sitting, bending, standing, or moving due to the pain in the back or neck.

Chiropractor Care in San Francisco

If you are seeing signs that might indicate a spinal injury such as a herniated disc, then you need to head to a local chiropractor as soon as possible. Getting prompt care for your spine is critical to avoid further injury and to prevent any permanent damage from occurring. San Francisco spinal care experts, at The Balanced Atlas, can help get your spine back in proper alignment so that the herniated disc symptoms are reduced or even completely eliminated. When your spine is healthy, the rest of your body is also healthier and stronger too. So, contact us today to schedule your consultation appointment with our team and see for yourself how we can help you take care of your spine!

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