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An Atlas misalignment can cause migraines, headaches, dizziness, vertigo, low back pain and countless other symptoms of poor health

It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, mind and body. This being said, it is easy to conclude that the eyes are undoubtedly the looking glass through which we view the world and our surrounding environment. Oddly enough, located directly behind these physiologic movie screens, known as our eyes, resides our brain, the center of gravity of the head, and the balance-processing center of our entire body. This is quite an interesting and important set up to say the least. But what if our eyes were constantly lied to? What would your life be like if all the information that passed through your eyes into all of your sensory computing systems turned out to be false? How does our complex body react under such conditions? The answer is simple…the answer is pain, dysfunction, and disease.

Award Winning Research

Dr. Roger Sperry, PhD., won the Nobel Prize by discovering that 90% of the brain’s activity is used to balance your body within the gravitational field of earth. He stated that if your body is mechanically distorted (off balance), it begins to affect the other 10% of the brain’s activity, which controls all the other body functions.

Body Imbalance can put stress, tension and/or pressure on the brain stem and block or impede the flow of these vital messages to the body. This interference can cause pain, sickness and suffering.