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Posted on 05-25-2017

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When one is dealing with a migraine, his first response may be to grab the nearest headache medication. While this can help on a temporary basis, it is not a long-lasting fix. In order to achieve that, one must address the underlying cause of migraines. Often those with migraines can recall a time when they suffered damage to the neck or a blow to the head.

This does not have to be a recent accident. In fact, it could have happened over 10 years ago. Keeping in mind whiplash may occur at speeds of just 5 mph, it makes sense that minor injuries can do major damage. Things such as falling, sporting accidents, physical altercations, or anything else that causes the neck muscles to over-extend can be a reason for future migraines or other health related problems.

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Migraine specialist San Francisco CA

Important Migraine Research

The inventor of the upright MRI, Dr. Raymond Damadian, conducted research using this machine that reveals how a misalignment located in the upper neck can affect the flow of fluid to and from the brain. Cerebrospinal fluid is a vital part of maintaining the function of the central nervous system. If a misalignment is interfering with this process, migraines can happen.

Natural Help for Migraines

Upper cervical chiropractic can help one to begin correcting this problem. By employing a gentle, effective method that works with the body to allow the bones to realign, healing can begin. Once the flow of cerebrospinal fluid has been restored to normal, many patients in case studies have revealed that they see a great improvement in migraines symptoms. Some even report seeing their migraines go away and not return.

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